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Central and Built-In Vacuums from State Central Vacuum
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State Intercom
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NuTone Intercom Products

You will be replacing your Nutone IM-4006 with the Nutone IMA-4406.

Intercom and Communication Systems from NuTone

Upgrade Your Existing Nutone To A Nutone IMA-4406 Intercom System - Fill in the information that best meets your needs. JavaScript must be enabled for this feature to work.

Step 1 - Choose the number of Master Stations you need: Qty Total
IMA-4406WH (Color: White) Master Station - $1650.00  Click For Photo
IMA-4406L (Color: Bisquit) Master Station - $1650.00  Click For Photo
IMA-4406BL (Color: Black) Master Station - $1650.00  Click For Photo
Step 2 - Choose the number of Speakers you need: Qty Total
Note: You are upgrading a Nutone IM-4006 and can use your existing Speakers.
(this only applies to the Nutone IM-4006 and IMA-4006)
5" Speaker, Color: White (#ISA445WH) - $95.00  Click For Photo
5" Speaker, Color: Biscuit (#ISA445L) - $95.00
5" Speaker, Color: Black (#ISA445BL) - $95.00
8" Speaker, Color: White (#ISA448WH) - $98.00  Click For Photo
8" Speaker, Color: Biscuit (#ISA448L) - $98.00
8" Speaker, Color: Black (#ISA448BL) - $98.00
5" Outside Speaker, Color: White (#ISA449WH) - $90.00
Step 3 - Choose the number of Master Station Roughins you need: Qty Total
Master Station Roughin with 2-Transformers (#IR105) - $68.50
Step 4 - Choose the number of Speaker Roughins you need: Qty Total
Note: You are upgrading a Nutone IM-4006 and can use your existing Speaker Roughins.
(this only applies to the Nutone IM-4006 and IMA-4006)
5" Speaker Roughin (#IR-50) - $3.99
8" Speaker Roughin (#IR-80) - $6.40
Step 5 - Choose the number of Front Door Stations you need: Qty Total
Note: If your Front Door Station is working, this does not need to be replaced. If it is NOT working, you can choose from the following. Existing Roughins can be used.
White Plastic with Button (#IS67WH) - $39.50  Click For Photo
Brown Plastic with Button (#IS67D) - $39.50  Click For Photo
White Metal with Button (#IS69WH) - $49.50  Click For Photo
Antique Brass with Button (#IS69AB) - $59.50
Polished Brass with Button (#IS69PB) - $55.00  Click For Photo
White Metal, No Button (#IS70WH) - $50.00
Antique Brass, No Button (#IS70AB) - $51.00  Click For Photo
Polished Brass, No Button (#IS70PB) - $51.00
Step 6 - Choose the number of Chime Modules you need: Qty Total
Note: If there are at least 4 wires from the Front Door Station back to the Master Station, you can add a Chime Module that will allow the IMA-4406 to ring throughout the system.
3 Note Chime (#IA28) - $55.00  Click For Photo
10 Note Chime (#IA29) - $66.00  Click For Photo
Step 7 - Choose the number of Trim Rings you need: Qty Total
Note: Trim Rings may be needed if existing holes are too large.
Master Station Trim Ring (20 3/8" W x 13" H) - $29.95
5" Speaker Trim Ring (9" W x 10 5/8" H) - $19.95
8" Speaker Trim Ring (13 5/8" W x 12 1/2" H) - $44.95
Note: This is an Adaptor Cable ONLY, No iPod™ or MP3 Player is included.
iPod™ Adaptor cable - $60.00
Nutone IMA-4406 Grand Total



(Items with a Click For Photo next to them: Click the Click For Photo to see a picture of the item.)

FREE Shipping in the Continental U.S. for Purchases of $70 or More!

Regardless if you're installing a new intercom or retrofitting an existing system, State Intercom has the right communication system for your application. Call a State Intercom expert today to learn more about our complete line of Nutone Intercom Systems: Toll Free 1-888-841-4826

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